White Ford Ranger with canopy owned by Alliance Metal Roofing

About The Company

Jon Sault Roofing to Alliance Metal Roofing

In 2019 our trading name changed to better reflect the growing size of the business and encourage a company ethos of inclusion and team effort. So we still have the same owner, the same great team, just a new name.

The company has always focused on offing a quality product which requires good quality tradesmen. Our teams are made up of long term employees who have a happy work life balance and enjoy and take pride in their work.

Alliance Metal Roofing employees are well spoken and approachable, we are happy to work with the client to promptly address any concerns or questions they may have the during installation process.

Roadmap to Success

Success is a Team Effort

Not only do we provide the best quality metal roofing solutions in Newcastle and Sydney but our team has built a reputation for professionalism and reliability that is second to none.

With decades of experience in the industry your home is in safe hands with Alliance Metal Roofing.

MRCAA Awards

MRCAA Awards Finalists

In 2018 our boys provided metal roofs for our clients that were selected as finalists in three roofing categories at Australian Metal Roofing Awards.

In 2019 the boys have vowled to take top honors!

Colorbond roof installation with rail protection installed.

Processes & Planning

Each project requires a mixture of co-ordination, construction and safety management to ensure an installation goes according to plan. Our plan management and risk analysis of ever roofing job ensures we follow procedures that limit the risks, waste and time as much as possible.

Colorbond sheets being cut and prepared for installation on roof.

We Are Team Players

Our teams consist of fully qualified roofing plumbers that specialise in Colorbond roof installations. They are also trained in occupational health and safety and risk analysis. Our team leaders have built a culture with a winning attitude based on inclusion and mutual support.

Fixing off a Colorbond roof sheet with class 4 fasteners.

Providing The Best Quality

We love Colorbond roofs! Our employees take great pride in their work and their craft. Providing a great roof for our customers gives us a buzz and the boys know their reputation is on the line for every new roofing project. At Alliance Metal Roofing there is no compromise when it comes to quality.

Liam Wilson in action 2021.

Supporting Great Talent

Alliance Metal Roofing is a major sponsor of pro boxer Liam Wilson. We would like to congratulate him on his victory for the Australian featherweight title at Suncorp Stadium on the Horn v's Mundine undercard.

In November of 2018 the Alliance Metal Roofing Team were at Suncorp Stadium to watch Liam Wilson win the Australian super featherweight title against Brent Rice. Liam won the fight convincingly in what was described as the most exciting event of the evening. We see great fighting qualities in Liam and wish him all the best with his career.

At Alliance Metal Roofing we understand that being successful requires the confidence to stand up to the great challenges in life. Like Liam Wilson we have great confidence in our skills and victory is our only vision.